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Clients praise S4 smoothing treatments on social

— Jenn
Beauty School-A Salon, Nashville, TN

Kiki's Hair Shop

— Heather
Hair Loft on Linden

Hot diggity!! I’ve been waiting all week for this appointment. This kick butt athlete of a teen, has soooo much curly hair. Performed my S4Tec Keratin Smoothing Treatment on her today.
She can wear her hair curly (with much better, smoother curls) or blow it dry, with minimal flat iron work.
Came out so beautiful and healthy!! Results will last for up to 5mos! 😍🥰😍

Lox, Idaho

S4 Has many selections to choose from, this was the Frizz Free I chose to work with on her hair. It does not take ALL of the curl out. Instead, we end up with smooth hair strands capable of holding a basic curl without the limp look other higher ph level Smoothing products can produce. Safe - Flexible - S4 is this salons choice to control summer frizz.

— Heather
Hair Loft on Linden

I have to say that was the easiest smoothing treatment. I think I’ve ever done. I love your products! I am a mobile stylist. All of my services are done at the clients home. I did Brazilian blowout on my client before and we had the fans going and the windows open and my eyes were still watering and I was still coughing. Today it was nothing at all. Even the client said how much she liked S4.

— Terri Cavanaugh
TLC for Me, Midlothian IL

Let's take a second to talk about the S4 Styling Crème now. So, usually what I do after I get out of the shower, I brush my hair, I place a nickel size on the palm of my hand, and I start from the bottom and I work my way up. I let my hair air dry and when it dries you are going to see that it helps reduce the fly-aways, the frizziness, and it helps your hair stay straighter and healthier. It's a must.

— Maria
Joy Fields Hair Studio
Palm Desert, CA

I've been working with all types of keratin for the past 10 years. When I first heard of S4 I was a little bit skeptical because I've worked with other formaldehyde free keratins that just were not effective. They didn't last more than a month or they didn't last at all. S4 delivers everything that it promises...

— Dani Romano
Trumbull, CT

S4 is so fantastic. They have 3 options and one of my favorites is the Infinity because I specialize in blondes. I want my blondes to have healthy, shiny hair. It lasts three to five months — they're happy, I'm happy. I'm making money, money, money in half the time! It's fantastic...try it!

— Joy Fields
Palm Desert, CA