Our Story

Our Future Works Team includes the top scientists and market experts in the world in hair care who have developed products that are currently in virtually all the finest salons and spas in the world.

The S4tec treatment is our greatest accomplishment to date. Up until now, all formaldehyde free smoothing treatments were not nearly as good performers as the leading keratin treatment brands. S4 is not as good as the leading brands — it’s better! Faster. Safer. Easier — and lasts as long or longer than traditional smoothing treatments.

It is also timely in the current COVID environment as the stylist can get the client out of the salon in half the time, do it in their or their client’s home or in any small space and delivers a result that will bring the clients back repeatedly.

Decide for yourself! One use of our S4 smoothing treatment along with our multi-faceted nutrition-rich Styling Crème that works on all hair types and provides a slightly velvet finish leaving the hair smooth, swingy, adds texture and body, increases the volume, and further improves the healthier look of the hair will make you an S4 Believer.

All S4 products are made in the USA using the finest of ingredients the world has to offer.